Friday, October 12, 2007

Silver Light

Silver Light

§ WPF/e [Windows Presentation Foundation everywhere (WPF/e)] has been re-named Sliverlight in preparation for its final release.

§ Prior to WPF/e it was known as Jolt. [Jolt -> WPF/E -> Silverlight].

§ Silverlight is a cross-platform and cross-browser plugin/ web client runtime for creating rich internet experiences and applications for the web.

§ Silverlight is just a 1MB download on a PC.

§ It uses a subset of XAML and WPF. You can embed XAML directly into your HTML pages.

§ Silverlight and HTML integrate seamlessly together. Every XAML element can be accessed or manipulated from the same client-side JavaScript that would be used to interact with any DHTML element.

§ Silverlight is almost 100% upward compatible with WPF. Animation, 2D vector graphics, media, text - they're all present in Silverlight and the concepts you've learnt in WPF carry forward.

§ Although Silverlight is a subset - it doesn't support WPF features such as 3D, data binding or templates.

§ Silverlight is blindingly fast - for example, you can play many videos simultaneously without stuttering or dropping frames

§ One of the nice features that Silverlight supports is the ability to go "full screen" and effectively take over the entire screen of a computer. This can be very useful when building immersive UI experiences, games, rich video players, etc.

.Net Framework Require ?

§ There I no need to have the .NET Framework installed in order to use Silverlight. As a cross platform version of the .NET Framework is included in the 4MB Silverlight 1.1 download, which means you do not need to have anything extra installed on the client in order to program Silverlight with a .NET programming model in the browser.

§ The Silverlight version of the .NET framework includes the same CLR engine (same GC, type-system, JIT engine) that ships with the full .NET Framework, and a subset of the .NET Framework namespace libraries. You can see the full list of all classes/namespaces that are included by opening up the Object Browser when you create a new Silverlight application using Visual Studio.

Watch Silverlight Videos

§ To watch videos you will be required to download ‘Silverlight.1.0.exe’ exe.

Silverlight Releases

§ To watch videos you will be required to download ‘Silverlight.1.0.exe’ exe.

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Arun Manglick || Tech Lead

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