Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LINQ - ASP:LinqDataSource Control


This blog post summarizes the overview of LINQ.

Below are the new features been introduced in Orcas

§ Automatic Properties

§ Object Initializers

§ Collection Initializers

§ Extesnion Methods

§ Lambda Expressions - p => expressions

§ Query Syntax

§ Anonymous Types

§ Var Keyword

These language features help in making query against relational data. This overall querying programming model is called as "LINQ" - which stands for .NET Language Integrated Query.

LinqDataSource Control

This control is a new datasource control for ASP.NET (like the ObjectDataSource and SQLDataSource controls that shipped with ASP.NET 2.0) which makes declaratively binding ASP.NET UI controls to LINQ to SQL data models super easy. It enables UI controls to both retrieve data from a LINQ to SQL data model, as well as cleanly apply updates/inserts/deletes to it.

It also allows to add Validation rules at Class level and Error Handling at UI level.

Nothing to add more descritption on it. It is more towards the practical exercise.


Hope this helps.

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