Thursday, April 3, 2008

Creating Sub-Web Projects using the VS 2005 WAP option


This blog post summarizes how to split up/partition an ASP.NET web application into multiple projects within Visual Studio. The goal with doing this is typically to improve the modularity of large sites and/or to improve the IDE compile-time performance for large projects.

Scott G says - I wouldn't necessarily recommend this (See last part of the post) for performance reasons (unless there are thousands and thousands of pages it probably doesn't make a huge difference), but it can sometimes make it easier to help manage a large project.

The split feature is only supported in WAP option and not in WSP. Hence I suggest to go thru the links below.

n Creating Sub-Projects in IIS using VS 2005 Web Application Projects - This post describes the basics of how to setup a multi-project solution that builds a single ASP.NET 2.0 application.

n Creating Shared User Controls and Master Pages with Sub Projects - This post describes how to define master-pages and user controls within a root web project, and the use them within sub-projects in the application.

WAP – Web Application Project

WSP – Web Site Project

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