Thursday, April 3, 2008

Custom formatting HTML in VS 2005


This blog post summarizes how we can customize the indentation, line breaks etc of HTML content using below menus.

Best would be to access the Scott’s Link.

We can do two things here:

· Format the HTML

· Define the Formating Rules.

Format the HTML:

· Either access it using the Edit – Advanced menu

· Or as below.

Formating Rules:

Once make the selection and right click and choose ‘Formatting & Validation’ as below.

This will launch below dialog:

Using the dialog below things can be controlled:

· Default capitalization and casing rules,

· Attribute quoting.

· Self-terminating semantics of elements.

· When elements wrap to a new line within the page:

You can also click the “Tag Specific Options” button to bring up a dialog that enables further element customization.

Again I recommened, if you need more details, best would be to access the Scott’s Link.

Hope this helps.

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