Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fast HTML Editor Navigation within VS 2005


This blog post summarizes how VS 2005 automatically & quickly navigate back and forth between design-view and source-view without getting lost in the deeply nested HTML content, or without spending a lot of time.

Best would be to access the Scott’s Link.

We can do two things here:

· Source View to HTML View – Select some item in source view and switch to HTML view, you’ll find the content is selected in HTML view.

· HTML View to Source View - Select some item in HTM view and switch to source view, you’ll find the content is selected and also the property window is open and displaying the selected items properties.

· Tag Navigator control

1. Available in both design-view and source-view.

2. This lists the element hierarchy from the current location of the cursor up to the root <html> element in the document. I.e. displays the hierarchy of parent elements.

3. The current location is show in the last square on this tab.

4. Enables to quickly navigate/select any of the parent elements.

Hope this helps.

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