Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle


·         Project Initiation

o        RFP [Request for Proposal]

o        PSD [Preliminary Study Document]

o        FPA [Ballpark Estimate]

o        SOW [Scope of Work], submit to client

o        Order comes from Client


·         Project Planning

o        Internal Kick-Off meeting

§         Resource Gathering/Role/Availability

§         Assumptions

§         Stake Holders

§         Experience Sharing

§         Milestones

§         Deliverables

o        External Kick-Off meeting

§         Acceptance Criteria

§         Quality Parameters

§         Client Availability/Turn Around

o        Risk Management

o        Configuration Management

o        Procurement Management

o        Scope Management

o        Scheduling


·         Requirement Phase

o        Requirement Establishing

o        Requirement Gathering

o        Use-Case Generation


·         Engineering/Design

o        Program Specifications

o        Class Diagrams and Other UML Diagrams

o        Prototype Development


·         Construction/Coding

·         Testing & Control

o        Error Matrix

o        Test Summary

o        Delivery Installation

o        Product Release Note

o        Acceptance


·         Project Closure

o        Acceptance

o        Deliverables

o        Client Feedback

o        Improvement in Processes

Note: These four step said to be as ‘Project Postmortem]

·         Maintenance [Its an operation]

·         Change Request

o        Impact Analysis

o        Re-Estimation



Note: Estimates keep on updating. This is said to be as ‘Updates + Sign-Off’.




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Arun Manglick || Senior Tech Lead


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