Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't miss to Ask before Joining


This is my personal experience that after joining a company, there are lot of situations where I felt regret – Oh! I didn’t ask this question before joining and if I would have done that I might not have joined.

Core Department -

· Your Roles and Responsibilities – Be Cautious

· Your Technology and Version – Be Specific

· Where your Designation fits in Hierarchy

· Who are below/above to you

· Your next Designation

· Your next appraisal due.

· Abroad assignments – Any Bond

· Abroad Policies

· Notice Period

Finance Department -

· Reimbursement Details (Car, Petrol, Education) – To increase your take home

· Notice Pay recovery

· LTA – Monthly /Yearly

· PF contribution and optional/mandatory

· Form -16 requirement of the previous company (Sometimes company denies to release salaries unless you submit Form-16 of the last company. e.g WNS Gurgaon)

Admin Department -

· Office Timings (Any unusual timings for project specific)

· Causal Wear in week days

· Cab Services

· Zim / Canteen facilities

Even if you try to ask these queries, the un-reliable HR, will never give you the answers in written/mail. But be candid, and don’t rely on the verbal words and ask them to give in written. Otherwise it happens that the HR person, who might have committed you a lot, is now no more in company the time you joined.

My companies with bad Experience –

· Sapient Gurgaon

· WNS Gurgaon

· Rapidigm Pune

· Cybage Pune

  • Accenture Pune.

Never rely on HR.

Thanks & Regards,

Arun Manglick || Senior Tech Lead || +91 20 30230500 Ext: 620 | +91 9850901262

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