Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Prefetch Pages through AJAX


Following approaches have been thought of:


1.     Currently I have implemented this by using frames in which I have two frames, one frame has current page and other has the prefetched page and this frame is hidden. On demand of this page the frame is mad visible and next page is prefetched in other frame and that frame is made hidden. Currently this approach is working fine but still I would like to have your comments on this approach. Like are there any unseen issues in this method, is this an acceptable approach or not?

2.     Second approach thought by me for the same problem is loading the next page asynchronously through AJAX call and storing its rendered HTML. On demand of this page the rendered HTML is pasted in current frames page. Problem viewed in this approach is that server event does not get fired and JavaScript specific to the page are not rendered. Can you please suggest some solution for the problems stated? Also prefetching the whole page asynchronously, is it a good idea? This question arises because AJAX is mostly used to fetch parts of data on the page asynchronously.

3.     Next approach is to prefetch the data on the page and populate the HTML DOM on demand. But if we are prefetching the page data then we should maintain it in a format readable on client side say XML. This seems to be a convincing option but can this approach be made generic from implementation point of view?

4.     Last approach suggested by you is using Multiview control wrapped in an Update Panel. Will this approach load data for each view asynchronously or at first time it will load data for all the views?

These are possible solution for the problem. Can you please comment and suggest the best of the all? Also, if you have some other solution for the same can you please let me know that too?



Thanks & Regards,

Arun Manglick

SMTS || Microsoft Technology Practice || Bridgestone - Tyre Link || Persistent Systems || 3023-6258


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