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HTTP Handlers - Places where can be used

An HTTP Handler is a .NET class that executes whenever you make a request for a file at a certain path. Each type of resource that you can request from an ASP.NET application has a corresponding handler.

For example, when you request an ASP.NET page, the Page class executes. The Page class is actually an HTTP Handler because it implements the IHttpHandler interface.


·         Other examples of HTTP Handlers are the TRaceHandler class, which displays application-level trace information when you request the trace.axd page, and the

·         ForbiddenHandler class, which displays an Access Forbidden message when you attempt to request source code files from the browser.

·         You can implement your own HTTP handlers.

o    For example, imagine that you want to store all your images in a database table. However, you want use normal HTML <img> tags to display images in your web pages. In that case, you can map any file that has a .gif or .jpeg extension to a custom Image Http Handler.

o    The image HTTP handler can retrieve images from a database automatically whenever an image request is made.


·         Or,Imagine that you want to expose an RSS feed from your website. In that case, you can create a RSS HTTP Handler that displays a list of blog entries or articles hosted on your website.



You can create an HTTP Handler in two ways. You can either create something called a Generic Handler or you can implement the IHttpHandler interface in a custom class. This section explores both methods of creating an HTTP Handler.



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