Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Quick fix to removal of Cookie..


If you are new to using cookies then probably you must have wrote similar to the below code to Add & Remove cookies.



 Adding Cookie:


 HttpCookie test = new HttpCookie("Test");
            test.Value = "Testing Data";


Removing Cookie: Either of one.




But removal of cookie does not work this way.




Remove() and Clear() remove a cookie instance or all cookies from the Response respectively.

They do not do anything on the client, it is a disconnected architecture. Therefore, in order to invalidate (remove) the cookie from the Request as sent by the client - for the next request and subsequent requests you need a quick fix.

Quick Fix:

Set the cookie expirey to be less than the next request time


Response.Cookies["Test"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-1);



Hope it it useful.



Thanks & Regards,

Arun Manglick

SMTS || Microsoft Technology Practice || Bridgestone - Tyre Link || Persistent Systems || 3023-6258


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