Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why & What - Soft Skills

Recent surveys show that, soft skills are more important than technical skills to reach to the top of the career.

Communication skills and the interpersonal skills (soft skills) is important contributor in achieving carrier success.


What are Soft Skills ?


-          Ability to communicate effectively

-          Ability to promote teamwork

-          Ability to present ideas

-          Ability to manage project and people

-          Ability to solve problems and provide excellent customer care

-          Ability to manage time (Time Management)


Why Soft Skills ?


A growing number of organizations believe that people ability to understand and to manage their emotions improves below.


-          Improves their performance,

-          Improves their collaboration with colleagues and

-          Improves their interactions with customer


Few Glimpse –


-          Self Awareness  Self Confidence & Positive Attitude

-          Understanding others – Empathy & Interpersonal Relations

-          Effective Communication

-          Self Motivation

-          Time Management

-          Emotional Intelligence

-          Accelerated Learning

-          Problem Solving

-          Feedback Handling – Criticism & Praise

-          Stress Management – Health & Fitness


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