Monday, August 24, 2009

PRB: Many Websites starts Many Web Server Instances

Debugging Website in a Solution with Many Websites Starts Many Web Server Instances

When you have multiple websites configured under a single solution file, debugging one web site starts other instances as well.

i.e. Debugging a website in a solution containing other several websites starts many instances of the development web server start up for each of them.


Here is a workaround can avoid multi-instance of “ASP.NET Development Server” to start. The Development Server by default starts for every file system project with different port. So we can set each project to use the same port number. After does that, only one instance of Development Sever will start for the startup project.


To specify a port for the ASP.NET Development Server

  1. In Solution Explorer, click the name of the application.
  2. In the Properties pane, click the down-arrow beside Use dynamic ports and select False from the dropdown list.

This will enable editing of the Port number property.

  1. In the Properties pane, click the text box beside Port number and type in a port number.
  2. Click outside of the Properties pane. This saves the property settings.

If you change the startup project, please be sure also stop the Development Server in status notification area. Because it is being used for current project.


Hope this helps.


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