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Cloud Computing in India

Cloud Computing in India -

Internet enabled businesses that are about to go on stream need not worry too much about investing in information technology infrastructure. The fast emerging alternative of cloud computing can help them get started much faster and scale up as the business grows.

Sharad Sanghi, founder and CEO of Netmagic Solutions, which will soon become the first Indian company to offer cloud computing option in India, told TOI that the emerging concept will be relevant for not just start up businesses but will make equally strong business sense for the established ones.

Sanghi said Netmagic Solutions has invested in data centre in Mumbai backed by disaster recovery set up in Bangalore to offer cloud computing services to Indian clients. “For a firm that wants to begin on a small scale, cloud computing can be an excellent option,”Sanghi said.

The cloud computing services help companies save capital by subscribing to IT infrastructure as a service. In addition, the offering also helps by optimising resources utilisation and saving on power and space cost for IT infrastructure, he said.

According to IDC Research, cloud computing is an emerging IT model that enables real-time delivery of consumer and business products, services and solutions. Global cloud computing services spending will increase almost three-fold in the next three years, from about $ 14 billion now to $ 42 billion by 2012.
Sanghi said: “A client can define basic processing capacity and memory requirements and simply get started, paying according to his use.”
Sanghi said that the company has a technical development team in Pune which has helped achieve automation of billing and provisioning of use by clients.

Cloud computing envisages the use of a pool of highly scaleable managed IT infrastructure that can be used by virtually any business. It can help in bringing home huge savings in terms of cost of power in addition to saving the heavy upfront investment in IT set- up.


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  1. Few updates -

    - To the surprise of several industry analysts, there is a strong emergence of the cloud computing technologies- a new paradigm shift in the way internet applications are developed and deployed.

    - IDC analysts predict USD 42B worth business in 2012 and Gartner reports some kind of world-wide adoption of this technology by 2016.
    - Intel Corporation predicts 25% of its server platforms are likely to be deployed by its clients for some sort of cloud deployment in 2009.

    - Very strong business results in 2008-Q3/Q4 have been reported in this line of technology by almost all industry leaders.

    - To drive the point home, a strong SaaS presence in the industry has become a billion dollar company despite the worldwide economic down trend.

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