Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Indian techies hit by recession in US

Indian techies hit by recession in US

18 Nov 2008, 2333 hrs IST, IANS


NEW YORK: Less than three weeks ago, Saurabh (name changed) relocated along with his family from Edison, the Indian neighborhood in New Jersey, to Silicon Valley in California as he switched jobs. Before moving, he put his house, which he had bought last year, on sale and leased an apartment at his new work place.


One fine morning, two weeks after he moved with bag and baggage to Silicon Valley, he was quietly handed the pink slip by his boss in his chamber along with about two dozen of his colleagues. Saurabh, who has two kids to support, is jobless again.


"It is very difficult, these days. There are no jobs available," Saurabh said, requesting that his name and the name of the company not be disclosed. So did others interviewed for this report.


Luckily enough, he has a permanent residency visa, which is more popularly known as the Green Card, because of which he can stay in this country and search for a new job. But many of his colleagues do not even have that luxury. They are getting ready to go back home as they can't live in this country on an H-1B visa if they don't have a job.




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