Monday, October 20, 2008

Railway Reservation can create a big problem for your Parents...

Dear All,
You must be knowing that Indian Railway gives the Lower Birth preference to Senior Citizens. Thanks to Railway.

My Father (68) booked the Ticket from Pune to Abu-Road.
He got the Lower birth as below.

S5 - 33 (Lower) - Dated 18 Oct 2008

But this time something strange happened to my father. When the train arrived, we found that the coach was similar i.e S5 but the seat arrangement was changed. The internal seat arrangement was according to the new Side Middle Birth concept. This lead to one birth increase in every compartment. i.e Now instead of 8 births [ 6 + 2 (Side Seats)], there were now 9 births [ 6 + 3 (Side Seats)], in every compartment.

According to the this new concept the coaches has N series instead of S series. i.e it the reservation should have been in N5 rather than S5.

This increase lead to change - 33rd Lower seat became 33rd Upper Seat. Dear all, the distance from Pune to Abu takes more than 20 hrs and the train starts late in the evening from Pune.

My Father who is 68 now, had travelled whole night at the Upper birth, where it supposed to be Lower. My father some how managed the journey. But friends it could be my mother or yours who can be of old age, or could it my/your wife with just a 2 years old kid.

This is ridiculous & pathetic.

Please convey this to as many people you can. Hope the ministry or the higher management could take preventive actions against it.

This could happen to any one.

Thanks & Regards,

Arun Manglick.

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