Thursday, July 5, 2007

Issues find while working with ATLAS & Mozilla-IE

Issues find while working with ATLAS & Mozilla-IE.



  1. Dropdown attached with JS call, and embedded in update panel does not fire Selection Change Event.


  1. thru JS will call server side event in IE but not in Mozilla. Hence if the buuton is not placed within updatePanel will result in postback incase of IE and not in Mozilla.


  1. Session access in TreeView node change event results in Sys.Webforms.PageRequestErrorParseErrorException.  It happens only for the first time and only when Treeview is placed within updatePanel. Again this is IE specific issue.


  1. Error lablel,  placed within UpdatePanel , behaves eratically when a button placed within UpdatePanel is clicked. Eratic behavoiur is it displays the error label when server side event of button is clicked. Reason is, the button click does not executs the client side: body-onload().


  1. asp:Validatior control does not behave properly when placed within UpdatePanel. Fix is give by Lokesh as a seperate DLL.



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